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Doolphy Actors (IV): Managers & Directors

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Managers & Directors: Doolphy

With this post, we close a series about profiles related to project management and how Doolphy helps them in their work.

This time we will review the case of Adriana, who runs a company specialized in online marketing, covering all types of Internet-related works: from website development to online communication through management of advertising campaigns. We have talked about collaborators, team members, project managers and clients. Today we want to talk about managers and directors who, although often are not directly related to project execution, are really interested in its development and outcome.

Before using Doolphy, Adriana used to spend a lot of time with the overall coordination of the company projects. Not being involved in the day to day of projects, she constantly needed to meet the various project managers to know their progress.

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“Doolphy helps us to be on time in the most important moments” The case of Ingeniería Civil, Desarrollo y Sociedad.

This week, the Ingeniería Civil, Desarrollo y Sociedad team wanted to share how they work with Doolphy with all of us. Juan Jerónimo Torralba, team member, told us how they develop their projects with the help of Doolphy. We are sure that their experience will help you too!

The Ingeniería Civil Desarrolloy Sociedad Team

The Ingeniería Civil Desarrolloy Sociedad Team

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Using Doolphy is just … inspiring! The case of NetLiga

NetLigaNetLiga is a dream that is becoming true. The team has wanted to share their experience with all of us. The current economic situation prevents its members from working exclusively on it, and they have to invest their free time in the project. Because of that it’s almost impossible to manage the project development on a fixed schedule, and thus they have no choice but to work remotely and share everything over the Cloud. As you can imagine coordinating the team under these circumstances is quite a challenge, especially when efficiency and quality are key.

That’s why they starting looking around for a tool that could help them to manage their project and they had to discard many options. Some were too complicated and required lots of effort to work with them. Others needed to be installed in their development machines, which meant they could not use them inmediately. And finally, others were just plain too expensive for them.

Doolphy (D): How did you faced up the situation of knowing that you needed some tool in order to collaborate and manage?

NetLiga (NL): We were about to give up the search, with the conclusion that there was no tool that could satisfy our needs.

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Doolphy Actors (III): Customers

Doolphy CustomersHello!

This week we want to continue writing about the different profiles who participate in project management. This time, it is the turn of customers and how they can contribute and be more involved in the projects that other companies are developing for them, thanks to Doolphy.

To understand it better, we are going to explain David’s experience. Louis (Commercial Director at a specialized website development company) has been contacted by David to make a website for David’s business. Once the budget and the project plan have been approved, David wants to be kept informed about its progress in a daily basis.

That is why Louis has created a Doolphy user for his customer, David. Thanks to the role and permission system, Louis assigned David a customized role based on the “guest” predefined role. Now, David can track the progress of the project, and at the same time, Louis can keep in strict secret some internal aspects like cost per hour of his employees or additional sensible data about other customers.

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User Experience: Doolphy and the Organization of Events. The Case of Avantclub

AvantclubSome days ago, we could watch the Oscar Academy Awards’ ceremony. And, as we also did the last year, we would like to write a special post about this specific kind of projects: the organization of events. To do it, we’ve talked with one of our “older” customers: Avantclub. We have had the opportunity to know first-hand how they use Doolphy to organize unique events in an exceptional way. You can read the complete interview below:

Doolphy (D): How would you describe your experience with Doolphy?

Avantclub (AV): In a word: excellent. We have found in Doolphy the application that allows to control all aspects of event management. It’s a full-featured and very easy tool. In a few days and without any training required, new collaborators that join Avantclub can use Doolphy without problems.

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User Experience: Doolphy and Web Projects. The Case of Yxcon Proyectos

Yxpron_ProyectosLast week we talked with our friends at Yxcon Proyectos, which are Doolphy users, in order to know more about the way in which Doolphy has changed the way they work. Here, you can read the resulting interview;

Doolphy (D): How would you describe your experience with Doolphy?

Yxcon Proyectos (YP): We can only use one adjective to describe our experience: very satisfactory. According to the nature of our business, the members of our team (designers, programmers, etc) have to simultaneously manage a lot of projects. Sometimes these projects last for some months and they may involve changes, updates, new proposals and exchange of information between all the involved parts. That is, there is a flow of continuous communication both at an internal level and with our customers.

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