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How to Motivate Your Team?


Leaders who are concerned about their teams have wondered about this issue at length. There isn’t any magic way to achieve it but there are some pieces of advice that you can take into account in order to accomplish this goal.


But first a word of caution, It is essential for you to know your team before you can adopt measures for making them happy in their jobs and make them enjoy their tasks.

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Women as Project Manager

The International Women’s Day is celebrated today to commemorate their struggle in order to participate in society and in their complete development as a person, enjoying similar conditions as men do. (Source: Wikipedia).

From the Doolphy Blog, we want to pay tribute to all of them and in this case, we will talk about mothers in particular, since in some countries this festivity is celebrated today.

According to the report done by Randstad consulting, New Zealand (45%), Sweden (42%) and Denmark (40%) are the countries with more companies run by women. While, at the opposite end we find India (21%), Turkey (20%) and Japan (17%).

Whenever I read such statements I remember my mother and her ability to lead “organization”, that is to say, her  family. I think she, like most mothers, reflect many of the qualities sought in a good leader and / or project manager. Take into account that, for me, my mother is the best, so I could not help that some of my personal experience remains patent :P:

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5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is Project Manager of the Month

Doolphy ChristmasThis December we want to send our congratulations to the Project Manager of the Month: Santa Claus! No doubt, he and his team are among the busiest people on the earth these days, with a very stressing and very close deadline approaching.

If you wonder if Santa Claus can actually be considered a project manager, just go on reading and check the following 5 reasons why giving out presents around the world has all the features of a project:


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7 Key Elements to a Successful Team Coordination

One of the most exciting tasks for a leader is to achieve a successful coordination within her or his team.

Like in most companies, in Doolphy the work is performed by a team and we try to make each task fit the other ones in the best way possible. In this regard, I’ve learnt that there is a list of elements that every leader should take into account:

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Doolphy Beta Now Available. Try It Free!

We announce you that the Doolphy beta version is now available in www.doolphy.com. You can visit our new site and test the tool for free.

With Doolphy beta you can enjoy a lot of benefits:

  • Register an unlimited number of users
  • Create a maximum of 5 projects with tasks
  • Charge hours and costs to projects
  • Check job statistics
  • Generate financial and time reports

With this version we want that you get used to the tool and you can support us by giving us your opinion to improve it. Remember that Doolphy offers its services under the SaaS model (Software as a Service) and, therefore, you can enjoy the software online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without local installation.

Enjoy the full, without any compromise, with Doolphy beta ;)

We will keep you informed of ongoing developments and last news about the software here on the Doolphy blog. If you have any question about Doolphy, you can post it or send it to our contact email.

Also, you can comment us whatever you like in our profiles in social networks Twitter and Facebook or our groups in Xing and LinkedIn.

And remember…


Up With Your Projects!

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