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Perfect Project Management (Part I) = Marketing Agencies + Doolphy

With this one we are starting a series of posts aimed to explain how companies from different sectors and users with different profiles –which are listed in the new website section “Who is Doolphy for?” – use Doolphy. We will start talking about how Marketing Agencies (Graphic Design, Advertisement, Social Media) can Plan, Execute and Monitor their projects. To do it, we will make use of thefictitious company, Doolphy Marketing Ltd. and its team leader, Martha –they are completely made up names :-P.

Doolphy streamlines marketing project management

  • Planning

The first thing that Martha has to do is to give a name to the project (SEO Strategy Q4-2011) and decide which users are going to be involved in it: James, Christine, David and Martha herself. In addition, she chooses the start and end dates, and assigns the project to its corresponding customer. All this will help her to keep the information in order, and in the future it will help the team to learn from past experiences thanks to the report generation capabilities that are available in Doolphy.

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5 Reasons Why Doolphy is on Social Networks

Doolphy on the Social NetworksNowadays, if you aren’t on Social Networks, you don’t exist, at least in Internet. But, it’s also true that it’s necessary to know why we want to appear there.

In Doolphy, since the 1st day, we didn’t have a doubt about the fact that the users of our (your ;)) project management software are one of the pillars of this adventure.

Bearing this in mind, here you have the five reasons why we want to be present on social networks:

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