7 Key Elements to a Successful Team Coordination

One of the most exciting tasks for a leader is to achieve a successful coordination within her or his team.

Like in most companies, in Doolphy the work is performed by a team and we try to make each task fit the other ones in the best way possible. In this regard, I’ve learnt that there is a list of elements that every leader should take into account:

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Halloween and Project Management: 5 Common Points

Doolphy HalloweenIn a couple of days, many of us will take the fancy-dresses from our wardrobes and we’ll go out scaring people: Halloween is around the corner!

In Doolphy, we’ve identified the coincidences that there are between project management and Halloween in order to avoid your projects turn into real scary stories.

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Doolphy, Finalist in the Campus Party Millennium 2011 Innovation Forum

Last week, October 12 to 16, the Campus Party Millennium  was held in our city, Granada (Spain). This time, Campus Party wanted to make a very special edition within the program of events framed in the celebration of the Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada.

Campus Party is a massive technology event annually held in 5 countries (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Spain). And now they are working in the organization of the first Campus Party at Silicon Valley.

The following is a video that summarizes the 5 days that lasted the Campus Party Millennium (“the Campus“):


During these days we have intensely lived everything that happened in “the Campus” and it has been an incredible experience.

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Outsourcing Of Projects


Before we begin, we will explain in brief the meaning of outsourcing, which is the provision of external service of high level professional experts.

From the standpoint of the company, we often find that there is not enough time to grow the business as fast as we want, many tasks require lots of time and we also do not always have the sufficient skills to perform a specific project. Therefore, the best option and

solution to the problems is to outsource. To ensure the growth of our business, hiring a permanent full-time expert to the staff team can be more expensive than outsourcing the task involved on a temporary basis.

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Doolphy in 59”


We have just released a video to show, in just 59 seconds, the main benefits that Doolphy provides as an online project management tool by walking through a series of screenshots about the main features of our tool.

The video is also available in Doolphytube, our channel in Youtube. We hope you like it!

Do you want to know more about Doolphy? Sign up now in our website and enjoy all the advantages that Doolphy gives you. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you.


Up With Your Projects!

Our First Anniversary!


As Doolphy’s CEO, I take the opportunity that we are celebrating to make my first post in the Doolphy Blog.

Doolphy_AnniversaryThe occasion is special because we’re about to turn one year old! A year ago we started this project, full of enthusiasm and hope, and, why not admit it, fear and uncertainty.

Today we look back and see with pride the road travelled so far, but with humility and motivation to know that we still have much to do. It was not easy, has been a busy year, but we have met most of our goals. We launched worldwide the first free beta in January this year and our first commercial release in late April.

1,000 registered accounts!

In addition, we double celebration because we have just reached our first 1,000 registered accounts.

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