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As we mentioned in a > Doolphy Survey” href=”http://blog.doolphy.com/?p=214&utm_source=110610_OnlineProjectManagementSoftwareSurveyResults&utm_medium=Doolphy_Blog&utm_campaign=110610_OnlineProjectManagementSoftwareSurveyResults” target=”_blank”>survey that we conducted a Little while ago.
The main goal of the survey was to know first-hand what you need from an on-line project management tool, and also whether or not you are finding it in Doolphy.

First, we wanted you to tell us which features you value the most in this kind of software. From the list we offered you, these are the ones regarded as more important:

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Doolphy Survey


We want to know your opinion about our product. That’s why we have created a short survey about Doolphy. If you aren’t a user yet, don’t worry, for sure you can still give us very interesting insights. We’ll be very grateful if you can give a couple of minutes of your time to the Doolphymania :)

Your responses will help us to address any issues that you may have as well as to better target our products and services to meet your needs.

Thanks for your help.

Updated on 18 May: The survey is closed. Thanks to everbody for taking part on it!


Up With Your Projects!

Doolphy Grows Up

Hello everyone!

Today Doolphy is going to take a great step forward, which we want to tell you about :)

Our beta period is over and now you can enjoy the new Doolphy. We have added a new file manager to the application, coinciding with the release of the price plans. In our website, you can find all the information about the new Free, Basic, Premium and Enterprise accounts, so you can choose the account that best suits your needs according to the maximum number of active projects and the storage capacity of the file browser.

All existing beta accounts have been updated to the new Free Account. For all those who haven’t yet been able to see the benefits of using an online project management tool, we inform you that the Free account allows you to work in one project, use 100 MB of storage space and register unlimited users  for no charge.

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Doolphy Beta Keeps Growing Thanks To You

Project Management Sotware : Doolphy

Hello everyone,

It’s been 2 months and a couple of days since we launched the beta version of Doolphy and you could start enjoying our on-line project management tool for free.

We want to use this post to thank all of you for the great reception that the application has had and, in particular, for the great feedback that we have received. It is because of this feedback that we can add useful new features, improve the existing ones and make the app fit your needs.

Like you, other users have already seen how, thanks to their requests and suggestions, some issues and errors have been fixed and improved in the tool. Among those we can point out small bug fixes in the generation of charts, which didn’t show the proper selected data, and improvements on the stability of the software. We have also renamed some forms fields and buttons to help to make clear their function. In addition, some changes addressing usability issues have been done regarding graphic design (menu size, icons, color schema), content (table information, form structure, …) and some small maintenance changes that improve the user experience, and make Doolphy an easier and more intuitive tool.

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Doolphy Beta Now Available. Try It Free!

We announce you that the Doolphy beta version is now available in www.doolphy.com. You can visit our new site and test the tool for free.

With Doolphy beta you can enjoy a lot of benefits:

  • Register an unlimited number of users
  • Create a maximum of 5 projects with tasks
  • Charge hours and costs to projects
  • Check job statistics
  • Generate financial and time reports

With this version we want that you get used to the tool and you can support us by giving us your opinion to improve it. Remember that Doolphy offers its services under the SaaS model (Software as a Service) and, therefore, you can enjoy the software online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without local installation.

Enjoy the full, without any compromise, with Doolphy beta ;)

We will keep you informed of ongoing developments and last news about the software here on the Doolphy blog. If you have any question about Doolphy, you can post it or send it to our contact email.

Also, you can comment us whatever you like in our profiles in social networks Twitter and Facebook or our groups in Xing and LinkedIn.

And remember…


Up With Your Projects!

The Doolphy’s Blog is born!

Hello everyone!

We are proud to announce our new blog, The Doolphy blog!

After many months of hard work, the Doolphy Project Management Software (www.doolphy.com) is very close to hit the market. As we have been doing so far, we still believe in web-based tools. In that sense, Doolphy, our new product, is based on Egestia, our previous project management software that we developed a long time ago. This time has allowed us to identify the actual needs that you may find when you use software to manage your projects of both personal and professional.

Doolphy improves, renews and optimizes all Egestia’s features. Our goal is to launch an usable, participative and safe application that is suited to your needs. With Doolphy you will manage and track your projects and control their associated costs. We want to give you just the best tool that provides you with the best chances of success for your projects.

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