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3 Reasons to Love My Project Management Software

Loving Project Management SoftwareSome days ago, we celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day and we are more romantic than usual. So, we’d like to dedicate the post of this week to list the reasons why we can fall in love with our project management software:

  • Understanding. This quality is one of the most important in any relationship. Sometimes we’d like to have a User’s Guide, but I think it can be better for us to try to use the application by ourselves for a little time. More often than not, we’ll have a nice surprise and we’ll discover that it wasn’t as difficult as we thought. In software terms, we’d call it usability.

5 Key Points to Improve Communication within a Team

 “Those who can think but cannot express their thoughts are at the same level than people who cannot think” (Pericles)

Thanks to the addition of comments and notifications, Doolphy turned into a more social and collaborative tool some days ago. The reason that pushed us to introduce this change is that we think of that communication is a key element within any team and that it is very important to improve it in a strightforward way, through personal contact and with the help of the team tools.

In the Doolphy Blog, we have discussed about communication many times, pointing out that is one of the key skills that a project manager has to develop. Today, we want to list the main points that are important in order to improve communication within a team:

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Doolphy: One of the 25 Most Important Project Management Applications

This is the only way we can start this post ;) We have started the year with a lot of energy and many new features, and once again we have received your support.

The most recent recognition that Doolphy has received is to be included a list that encompasses the 25 most important online project management applications, and that has been created by our partners at GetApp:

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5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is Project Manager of the Month

Doolphy ChristmasThis December we want to send our congratulations to the Project Manager of the Month: Santa Claus! No doubt, he and his team are among the busiest people on the earth these days, with a very stressing and very close deadline approaching.

If you wonder if Santa Claus can actually be considered a project manager, just go on reading and check the following 5 reasons why giving out presents around the world has all the features of a project:


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How to Manage a Startup Like a Project

A startup is a project itself. There are similarities between important aspects of running a startup and managing a project that are evident. Today I want to share with you what we have learnt in this regard and that we have accumulated in ourt startup, Doolphy, during its more than two years of life.

The following elements are the critical areas in the management of a startup:



The business plan is an essential tool for any startup. It embodies the most important aspects, such as strategic objectives, action plan, critical milestones and resources (human and financial) to achieve them.

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7 Key Elements to a Successful Team Coordination

One of the most exciting tasks for a leader is to achieve a successful coordination within her or his team.

Like in most companies, in Doolphy the work is performed by a team and we try to make each task fit the other ones in the best way possible. In this regard, I’ve learnt that there is a list of elements that every leader should take into account:

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Doolphy Actors (II): Project Managers


This week, we want to continue with the sequence of posts aimed to know how different people with different profiles use Doolphy. Today is the International Project Management Day which is a prefect occasion to talk about the role that project managers pay in Doolphy.


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Halloween and Project Management: 5 Common Points

Doolphy HalloweenIn a couple of days, many of us will take the fancy-dresses from our wardrobes and we’ll go out scaring people: Halloween is around the corner!

In Doolphy, we’ve identified the coincidences that there are between project management and Halloween in order to avoid your projects turn into real scary stories.

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Perfect Project Management (Part II) = Consulting Companies + Doolphy

Hello everybody!

Continuing the series of articles about the sectors  and profiles  that use Doolphy every day, today we want to analyze why Doolphy is the prefect tool for managing consulting projects and other professional services such as auditing or providing legal advice.


Personally, I spent a great part of my career as a business consultant, including several years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the so-called “Big Four”. This was before embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship and continuing my professional development in start-ups. And now, I can see, with satisfaction, that Doolphy covers all the needs of these businesses to manage their projects in an efficient and controlled way.

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Doolphy Actors (Part I): Team Members, Collaborators


Following the line started a few weeks ago, where we explained how marketing agencies use Doolphy, today we want to pay special attention to the main profiles that can be found in any organization, company or team. In this first episode, we want to talk about people directly involved in the project: collaborators.

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