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Perfect Project Management (III): Tech Companies + Doolphy


With this post, we want to resume the series on the sectors that benefit from the use of Doolphy in managing their projects. This time is the turn of technological projects and companies in the ICT sector, for example those engaged in software or mobile application development.

In past installments, we brought to you 2 success cases in this sector: NetLiga and Yxcon Proyectos. In both cases, we could see some elements that are common in most technological projects and how Doolphy helps them in their management. Now we’ll go over the different phases of the life cycle of project management.


There is no doubt that planning is an essential element in the success or failure of a project, but in those projects that are associated to technology this is especially important.

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How to Motivate Your Team?


Leaders who are concerned about their teams have wondered about this issue at length. There isn’t any magic way to achieve it but there are some pieces of advice that you can take into account in order to accomplish this goal.


But first a word of caution, It is essential for you to know your team before you can adopt measures for making them happy in their jobs and make them enjoy their tasks.

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Increase the Profitability of your Projects in 6 Steps

ProbitabilityProjects profitability is a major concern for all types of companies working in “project mode”, such as web developers, marketing agencies, designers, architects, etc. Today, we want to take a look to some of the keys that we consider fundamental to improve the profitability of projects in 6 “easy” steps:

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Time Thieves: Who or What Steals My Time?

 “There are 3 things in life that never come back: time, words and opportunities”

I’m sure that you have read or heard this quote a lot of times. It looks like all of us know about the importance of time. However, how many times do we waste it? Maybe, we shouldn’t think too hard about this question or we can get scared.

Time thieves

In this post, we’ll identify the most famous time thieves. You should know that knowing them is the first step to fight them.

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Doolphy Actors (III): Customers

Doolphy CustomersHello!

This week we want to continue writing about the different profiles who participate in project management. This time, it is the turn of customers and how they can contribute and be more involved in the projects that other companies are developing for them, thanks to Doolphy.

To understand it better, we are going to explain David’s experience. Louis (Commercial Director at a specialized website development company) has been contacted by David to make a website for David’s business. Once the budget and the project plan have been approved, David wants to be kept informed about its progress in a daily basis.

That is why Louis has created a Doolphy user for his customer, David. Thanks to the role and permission system, Louis assigned David a customized role based on the “guest” predefined role. Now, David can track the progress of the project, and at the same time, Louis can keep in strict secret some internal aspects like cost per hour of his employees or additional sensible data about other customers.

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Women as Project Manager

The International Women’s Day is celebrated today to commemorate their struggle in order to participate in society and in their complete development as a person, enjoying similar conditions as men do. (Source: Wikipedia).

From the Doolphy Blog, we want to pay tribute to all of them and in this case, we will talk about mothers in particular, since in some countries this festivity is celebrated today.

According to the report done by Randstad consulting, New Zealand (45%), Sweden (42%) and Denmark (40%) are the countries with more companies run by women. While, at the opposite end we find India (21%), Turkey (20%) and Japan (17%).

Whenever I read such statements I remember my mother and her ability to lead “organization”, that is to say, her  family. I think she, like most mothers, reflect many of the qualities sought in a good leader and / or project manager. Take into account that, for me, my mother is the best, so I could not help that some of my personal experience remains patent :P:

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User Experience: Doolphy and the Organization of Events. The Case of Avantclub

AvantclubSome days ago, we could watch the Oscar Academy Awards’ ceremony. And, as we also did the last year, we would like to write a special post about this specific kind of projects: the organization of events. To do it, we’ve talked with one of our “older” customers: Avantclub. We have had the opportunity to know first-hand how they use Doolphy to organize unique events in an exceptional way. You can read the complete interview below:

Doolphy (D): How would you describe your experience with Doolphy?

Avantclub (AV): In a word: excellent. We have found in Doolphy the application that allows to control all aspects of event management. It’s a full-featured and very easy tool. In a few days and without any training required, new collaborators that join Avantclub can use Doolphy without problems.

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3 Reasons to Love My Project Management Software

Loving Project Management SoftwareSome days ago, we celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day and we are more romantic than usual. So, we’d like to dedicate the post of this week to list the reasons why we can fall in love with our project management software:

  • Understanding. This quality is one of the most important in any relationship. Sometimes we’d like to have a User’s Guide, but I think it can be better for us to try to use the application by ourselves for a little time. More often than not, we’ll have a nice surprise and we’ll discover that it wasn’t as difficult as we thought. In software terms, we’d call it usability.

5 Key Points to Improve Communication within a Team

 “Those who can think but cannot express their thoughts are at the same level than people who cannot think” (Pericles)

Thanks to the addition of comments and notifications, Doolphy turned into a more social and collaborative tool some days ago. The reason that pushed us to introduce this change is that we think of that communication is a key element within any team and that it is very important to improve it in a strightforward way, through personal contact and with the help of the team tools.

In the Doolphy Blog, we have discussed about communication many times, pointing out that is one of the key skills that a project manager has to develop. Today, we want to list the main points that are important in order to improve communication within a team:

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Doolphy: One of the 25 Most Important Project Management Applications

This is the only way we can start this post ;) We have started the year with a lot of energy and many new features, and once again we have received your support.

The most recent recognition that Doolphy has received is to be included a list that encompasses the 25 most important online project management applications, and that has been created by our partners at GetApp:

Read the Infographic

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