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Doolphy Actors (II): Project Managers


This week, we want to continue with the sequence of posts aimed to know how different people with different profiles use Doolphy. Today is the International Project Management Day which is a prefect occasion to talk about the role that project managers pay in Doolphy.


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Halloween and Project Management: 5 Common Points

Doolphy HalloweenIn a couple of days, many of us will take the fancy-dresses from our wardrobes and we’ll go out scaring people: Halloween is around the corner!

In Doolphy, we’ve identified the coincidences that there are between project management and Halloween in order to avoid your projects turn into real scary stories.

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Perfect Project Management (Part II) = Consulting Companies + Doolphy

Hello everybody!

Continuing the series of articles about the sectors  and profiles  that use Doolphy every day, today we want to analyze why Doolphy is the prefect tool for managing consulting projects and other professional services such as auditing or providing legal advice.


Personally, I spent a great part of my career as a business consultant, including several years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the so-called “Big Four”. This was before embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship and continuing my professional development in start-ups. And now, I can see, with satisfaction, that Doolphy covers all the needs of these businesses to manage their projects in an efficient and controlled way.

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Doolphy Actors (Part I): Team Members, Collaborators


Following the line started a few weeks ago, where we explained how marketing agencies use Doolphy, today we want to pay special attention to the main profiles that can be found in any organization, company or team. In this first episode, we want to talk about people directly involved in the project: collaborators.

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Project Management Time Saver Techniques

Good project managers understand how critical it is to use their time wisely and efficiently. Still, it’s not always easy to handle distractions, manage consecutive projects and communicate effectively with staff and clients. It takes commitment and discipline to get more done in less time. The following project management tips can help you regain those lost hours and redirect them down a more productive path.

  • Write everything down.

Use whatever project management tool works for you. Get into the habit of record-keeping, note-taking and updating your plan regularly.

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Perfect Project Management (Part I) = Marketing Agencies + Doolphy

Hello everyone!

Today we are starting a series of posts aimed to explain how companies from different sectors and users with different profiles –which are listed in the new website section “Who is Doolphy for?” – use Doolphy. We will start talking about how Marketing Agencies (Graphic Design, Advertisement, Social Media) can Plan, Execute and Monitor their projects. To do it, we will make use of the fictitious company, Doolphy Marketing Ltd. and its team leader, Martha –they are completely made up names :-P.

Doolphy streamlines marketing project management

  • Planning

The first thing that Martha has to do is to give a name to the project (SEO Strategy Q4-2011) and decide which users are going to be involved in it: James, Christine, David and Martha herself. In addition, she chooses the start and end dates, and assigns the project to its corresponding customer. All this will help her to keep the information in order, and in the future it will help the team to learn from past experiences thanks to the report generation capabilities that are available in Doolphy.

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Collaborative Software Is NOT Project Management Software

Often the tools included in the collaborative software segment are advertised as project management tools, but most of the time they are not. No doubt some well-known tools are good products that can be very useful for some specific functions, but are not tools for project management, or at least do not cover all the essential requirements. Let’s analyze the reason for this assertion.

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Project Management: What? How? Who?

A little more than one year ago, we wrote the first post in this blog, we have been talking about the importance of project management and the need to have a tool to support it. We have also attempted to explain what project management is, how we implement it and to whom is it addressed. Let’s take a look to what we have learned during this time.

Lego project management

What is project management?

Wikipedia defines project management as “the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives”. Wow! Quite a responsibility, right? ;-) Read more »

10 Key Points on Choosing a Project Management Tool

When you search for the perfect project management application, you must consider many aspects. The large number of such tools that have appeared in recent years complicates this choice even more. It is a very important decision because the chosen application will have a decisive impact on the smooth development of projects to be undertaken.

The following list shows some indispensable requirements to succeed in choosing the software that best suits your needs:

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Outsourcing Of Projects


Before we begin, we will explain in brief the meaning of outsourcing, which is the provision of external service of high level professional experts.

From the standpoint of the company, we often find that there is not enough time to grow the business as fast as we want, many tasks require lots of time and we also do not always have the sufficient skills to perform a specific project. Therefore, the best option and

solution to the problems is to outsource. To ensure the growth of our business, hiring a permanent full-time expert to the staff team can be more expensive than outsourcing the task involved on a temporary basis.

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