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Doolphy Gets Social: New Features


A new year is started and, as it is tradition around these dates, Doolphy brings a bunch of new features such as Comments on tasks, Activity notifications, Recent history. This time they will make Doolphy more social and will make you more aware of the activity of the rest of the members of your team.


Activity notifications

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What happened in Doolphy in 2011?

2011 is approaching to its end and everyone is closing a cycle of very hard work. The improvements in Doolphy have been very important and we would like to look through all the innovations that we’ve added to it in the course of this very productive year.

We started 2011 with 2 major releases, a new user interface and a Timesheet. They both provide an easier use of the tool. We also decided to release a new Report section, which is particularly useful for analyzing the activity that your team generates in Doolphy as a whole. We too revamped the section on roles and permissions to satisfy your needs regarding the access of information.


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Doolphy Actors (II): Project Managers


This week, we want to continue with the sequence of posts aimed to know how different people with different profiles use Doolphy. Today is the International Project Management Day which is a prefect occasion to talk about the role that project managers pay in Doolphy.


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Doolphylights (I): How to Create a Project in Doolphy, Choose Your Way

Hello everyone!

This week, because of the great amount of recent releases that we have been communicating, we want to put some order and begin a series of posts aimed at improving your experience with Doolphy and how to get more out of it.

This first article is going to be based on project creation, the fundamental first step in being able to optimally manage all the planning, execution and analysis of your work.

Doolphy knows that not all projects are alike and each one has some special requirements in order to be started. Thus, you have 3 different options to create your projects.

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Doolphy Actors (Part I): Team Members, Collaborators


Following the line started a few weeks ago, where we explained how marketing agencies use Doolphy, today we want to pay special attention to the main profiles that can be found in any organization, company or team. In this first episode, we want to talk about people directly involved in the project: collaborators.

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Doolphy Survey: We’d Like To Know Your Opinion!

Hello everybody!

This post is especially addressed to all Doolphy users. As you know, we have recently released a new feature, called Smart Planner beta. It is a great tool to help you planning your projects in a short time and with very little effort. Smart Planner will leave its beta stage soon and before that we would like to ask you your opinion about it. We would really appreciate your participation in a brief survey of just 5 questions that you can find following this link or within the app, which will help us to know your suggestions or requests about this innovative and unique feature.


And remember that you can get in contact with us at any time to get more information or help with any doubt you may have. Also, we’ll be happy to receive any suggestion about this or any other subject.

Thanks a lot!


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