Doolphy Actors (II): Project Managers

Hi! This week, we want to continue with the sequence of posts aimed to know how different people with different profiles use Doolphy.


Project manager

Karl is in charge of several projects within his company and he knows that, to successfully lead with several teams at the same time, he needs a tool that allows him to store, organize and access all the relevant information about his projects.

Every morning, the Gantt chart helps him to know what the daily plan is and the progress level of each task. According to this information he may want to change the workflow of a project. This workflow is also clearly defined for the rest of the team since they can see through the tool the dependencies between tasks and the order in which the have to be completed.

Karl also checks different reports in order to know the overall progress of the projects and their cost and profitability, as well as stats about the load of work that is assigned to each member of the team.

He knows that Doolphy makes the creation of projects easy, and that the daily management becomes less complicated and more productive. That’s why it is his reference tool.

We all know that the project manager is a key element of any team. In Doolphy we have stressed it many times in previous posts, and that’s why we want to send our congratulations to all project managers today. Keep up with the good work and keep learning day after day.

And you? How do you use Doolphy in your daily work?

Up with your projects!

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