Doolphylights (I): How to Create a Project in Doolphy, Choose Your Way

Hello everyone!

This week, we begin a series of posts aimed at improving your experience with Doolphy and how to get more out of it.

This first article is going to be based on project creation, the fundamental first step in being able to optimally manage all the planning, execution and analysis of your work.

Doolphy knows that not all projects are alike and each one has some special requirements in order to be started. Thus, you have 2 different options to create your projects.

1. From scratch.

Nobody knows better than you what information is needed for each project. That is why Doolphy lets you decide which information should be included and which one should be left out. You can choose to add something basic like your name and the users who will participate in it, or something more complete that includes the project’s description, its customers and/or budget.

New Project Form

New project form


2. Project Templates.

In your day to day, there is some recurring work and it is very tedious having to create the same project structure over and over again for different purposes. To ease this task, Doolphy includes project templates that let you port information from other similar projects (tasks, users, etc.) into new ones.

Project templates


Now you just have to decide which way you prefer. Easy, isn’t it?

Up with your projects!

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