Doolphy Actors (Part I): Team Members, Collaborators

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Following the line started a few weeks ago, where we explained how marketing agencies use Doolphy, today WE pay special attention to the main profiles that can be found in any organization, company or team. In this first episode, we want to talk about people directly involved in the project: collaborators.

Marco is a company employee that uses Doolphy to manage projects, both internal and developed for customers. The first thing he does every day is to check his pending tasks. For that he goes to the “Dashboard” or makes use of the Task Report and the Planning Report, so he can quickly check the status, priority and progress of each of his assigned tasks.

Doolphy Dashboard is a great ally to quickly check the status of your work

Once he selects the more urgent tasks, Marco checks the file browser to review a couple of documents that have been shared by a teammate, and that are necessary to complete a task.

Marco knows that time is money and that controlling it helps him to really know where his efforts are really going to. This is why, at the end of the day, he makes use of the Time Sheet, where he records the time spent on each task.

The day is over and before going home, Marco knows his next task: to meet with his colleagues in the bar near the office to drink a beer, relax and have some fun :P. Remember, it is always important to have fun ☺

We will continue talking about how other profiles use Doolphy and how their work gets benefit from it. If you belong to any of these profiles or any other and you want us to publish your experience, get in contact with us. Don’t hesitate!

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