Happy Project Manager Day!

Today, Thursday November 3th, we celebrate the 13th edition of the “International Project Management Day”. This day was established in 2004 by Frank P. Saladis and since then it has been held the first Thursday of November each year, with the aim of giving greater visibility to the value contributed by the project management and highlighting the work of project managers around the world. Therefore, it is considered further the “Project Manager Day”.

Without doubt, the recognition of the work done by project management professionals is certainly just and absolutely necessary. From this corner dedicated to the management of projects, the Doolphy Blog, we want to encourage all project-based organizations and those using project management methodologies in any field to personally and publicly recognize the contributions of project managers and their teams.

Although we animate you to do this today in a special way, we believe it is essential to be continuous and non-point recognition. Thus, we will motivate the team and its leader, enhance their self-confidence and reward their efforts.

Here you have some ideas for those managers of organizations where project management is indispensable:

  • Recognize one or two times a month the work of the project manager and an outstanding member of the team in front of the rest of their teammates.
  • Exhibit, at least annually, to the rest of the organization the positive impact of completed projects for the whole organization and the importance of the project manager role.
  • Ask how you can help to do his job better. He may need a new team member, take a break, training in some new project management methodology… Or maybe he needs new project management software to plan, manage and monitor their projects in a more efficient way. (Perhaps Doolphy? ;-))
  • And, above all, take a coffee this afternoon with the project manager, thank him and tell him how important his work is for you and the rest of the organization.

Make the project manager happier with his work and you will have a better project manager.

Feel like celebrating with us? ;-)

Happy International Project Management Day 2016! Happy Project Manager Day!

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