Perfect Project Management (Part I) = Marketing Agencies + Doolphy

With this one we are starting a series of posts aimed to explain how companies from different sectors and users with different profiles –which are listed in the new website section “Who is Doolphy for?” – use Doolphy. We will start talking about how Marketing Agencies (Graphic Design, Advertisement, Social Media) can Plan, Execute and Monitor their projects. To do it, we will make use of thefictitious company, Doolphy Marketing Ltd. and its team leader, Martha –they are completely made up names :-P.

Doolphy streamlines marketing project management

  • Planning

The first thing that Martha has to do is to give a name to the project (SEO Strategy Q4-2011) and decide which users are going to be involved in it: James, Christine, David and Martha herself. In addition, she chooses the start and end dates, and assigns the project to its corresponding customer. All this will help her to keep the information in order, and in the future it will help the team to learn from past experiences thanks to the report generation capabilities that are available in Doolphy.

The following step is creating tasks (domain research, current state of the website, SEO on page, etc.) and milestones (delivery of the diagnosis document, customer validation, etc.). It is important to set the estimated time of each task as well as assign them to the correct team members.

At that point, she will be able to see the result by generating a Gantt chart or a Task Report. Thanks to the later, Martha can know about the team workflow and their workload, which she can optimize according to the number of tasks assigned to the team members and their priority. On the other hand, the Gantt chart provides an overall picture of the project, including the progress of each particular task. Thus, it is possible to easily see which ones have been developed efficiently and which ones have surpassed their estimated time range.

In less than 5 minutes, they can have a fully planned project in Doolphy.

  • Execution

Now, it is the moment to get down to work. James, Christine, David and Martha use the available timesheets in Doolphy to reflect how much time they spend in every task. Thus, they can check if their effort is enough or too much, which helps them to improve the management of their time.

They can also use the file manager to share and have available the latest versions of their documents. This avoids delays if someone sometimes works from home, for example. Doolphy file manager works as a centralized place where they all can find the project information. At any moment, they can get the materials that they need, know if any workmate needs help and manage their time in order to optimize it.

  • Monitor

Doolphy Marketing makes a show of transparency and Martha wants to let customers know how the project is developing at all times.  In order to do so, she has created a new Doolphy user for the customer and she has assigned the correct role and permissions to it. Thus, without having to set continuous meetings with the team, the customer can generate reports and be able to know how much time they are spending defining the strategy, when tasks are finished, etc. The end result is a very close relation between the company and the customer.

A the same time, Martha may want to know if she has done a correct distribution of tasks, if her workmates are meeting the deadlines and if the cost of the project is jeopardizing its profitability according to the initially estimated budget. And for all of that, she can use the range of reports that Doolphy makes available..

With this simple example we have shown how marketing agencies can use Doolphy to streamline their processes of project management.

Do you work in a marketing agency and you use Doolphy? Tell us about your experience!

During the next weeks, we’ll show you how teams use Doolphy. If you work with Doolphy you want us to publish your experience, regardless of the sector of your company, get in contact with us. Don’t hesitate! ;)

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