Doolphy News: Adapt Doolphy To Your Preferences!

Hello everyone!

Doolphy is continuously improving in order to offer you an application that truly adapts to your preferences more and more.

That’s why, we have released some new improvements in the “Settings” section, which has now been split into two new sections: “My Settings” and “Account”.

Among these changes you can find the following new options:

  • Currency. You can choose from euros (€), USD ($) and GBP (£) as currency to use in your projects, expenses, profitability reports, and so on.

  • Date, number and currency formats. Now, you can fine tune the different data formats and adapt Doolphy to your work habits according to your location.

What do you think about these changes? We hope you enjoy them and they respond to your needs. If you want to suggest new options, let us know here.

What are you waiting to start configuring Doolphy? Log in now and set all the available options to make yourself feel like at home in Doolphy ;)

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