Collaborative Software Is NOT Project Management Software

Usually the tools included in the collaborative software segment are advertised as project management tools, but most of the time they are not. No doubt some well-known tools are good products that can be very useful for some specific functions, but are not tools for project management, or at least do not cover all the essential requirements. Let’s analyze the reason for this assertion.


Collaborative software vs. project management software

In our last post we reviewed what project management is. And it covers the entire project cycle from planning through execution to monitoring or analysis.

Let’s take look now at the Wikipedia definition for collaborative software (or groupware): “computer software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals. It is usually associated with individuals not physically co-located, but instead working together across an Internet connection. It can also include remote access storage systems for archiving common use data files that can be accessed, modified and retrieved by the distributed work group members.”

In short, a collaborative tool is aimed at different users to help them communicate and work together. Thus, these tools usually incorporate integrated communication systems (some with chat, messages or wikis), task communication and file storage.

However, most do not include Gantt charts, a role and permission system or time or financial reports, among other elements. This leads to some companies and users of these tools to use accessories such as MS Project for planning or MS Excel for reporting, with the consequent loss of time, efficiency and safety in the transference of information.

Project management software itself must incorporate collaborative features since, in the project execution phase, communication is central. But it is not enough; a project management tool must completely cover the entire project management cycle.

Doolphy is a project management tool

In Doolphy have always been clear that we want to offer a comprehensive tool for project management and therefore in these seven years we have made a great effort to release planning tools such as templates, and reporting features, such as the revamped reports. Doolphy continues to grow and eventually we will enhance the collaborative part of the tool according to your requests and suggestions.

But, with certainty, we can say that by using Doolphy it is possible to fully manage all project management phases without the need for additional systems to plan or analyze your projects, because Doolphy is itself a project management tool. Do not hesitate. Move to Doolphy! ;)


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