Project Management: What? How? Who?

In this blog we have been talking about the importance of project management and the need to have a tool to support it. We have also attempted to explain what project management is, how we implement it and to whom is it addressed. Let’s take a look to what we have learned during this time.

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What is project management?

Wikipedia defines project management as “the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives”. Wow! Quite a responsibility, right? ;-)

Ultimately, project management integrates the planning, organization, development and analysis of the resources involved in a project to achieve a set of predefined and communicated objectives, while observing the established time and economic limits.

Who’s involved in project management?

In project management, all those related to any of the activities listed above are involved. Usually the roles are clearly defined and the project manager, team members, customers, managers or department heads and any other stakeholders are involved at different levels. In the new Doolphy website, we have reserved a space for the true stars of project management: people.

How do we deal with project management?

Once we have a clear goal for our project, it’s time to get down to work with planning ☺. At this point, organization and communication are essential. You need the help of your best allies, which include a tool to get track of the work done by you and your team. Thousands of people have already found out that Doolphy can be your faithful ally in each phase, thanks to its features such as Gantt charts, reports, time sheets, etc.

After this post, we hope we have cleared some concepts about project management. Certainly, it’s part of our personal life, as for instance, in the organization of a wedding or a special birthday, as well as part of our professional life, like the development of a website or planning and implementing a marketing plan.

What about you? Are you part of the exciting world of project management? Are you part of Doolphy? ;-)

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