7 Years Old Already: #HappyBirthdayDoolphy!

Hi everyone!

Today, we are especially happy! The reason behind this post is that we’re celebrating a special birthday. It was 7 years ago when a group of entrepreneurs decided to gather together, create a team and start giving life to the Doolphy project.


Some people may think that that was not the best time to launch an innovative project but, as an African proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. No doubt, it was the best time ;)

All Doolphy followers know that during this time we have released many new features, and also we have achieved most of our goals. In 7 years we have been able to form a large Doolphy user community that grows day after day.

We feel really privileged for being part of Doolphy from the very beginning, when the idea was born, and also for sharing every day with the team behind this company, because they are the real architects of Doolphy progress. Every single day, Doolphy gets shaped by our personalities and the way each one of us is.

This has only just started and we still have many surprises for you in the future. So, stay tuned!

Nobody said it was going to be easy but it is being great; and nobody can say that we don’t have the willingness and the enthusiasm. Will you join us on this journey?

Up With Your Projects!

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August 25, 2011 ·

Sorry, I wrote in spanish in this english article; maybe I should write… elsewhere.
By the way, congrats to the whole Doolphy team.

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