10 Key Points on Choosing a Project Management Tool

When you search for the perfect project management application, you must consider many aspects. The large number of such tools that have appeared in recent years complicates this choice even more. It is a very important decision because the chosen application will have a decisive impact on the smooth development of projects to be undertaken.

The following list shows some indispensable requirements to succeed in choosing the software that best suits your needs:

10 Key Points on Choosing a Project Management Tool

  1. Online software. The advantages of using an online application are numerous and the online tools that you can find in the market today have reached the level of more established ‘traditional’ tools. Thus, for sure, we encourage you to choose a SaaS tool and get on the “cloud”! ;)
  2. Easy, usable and intuitive. This is a fundamental aspect that will allow you to make a first filter in the evaluation of any application. If it doesn’t seem easy for you, just guess how difficult can turn out to be for other users that have less experience with this kind of software.
  3. Free trial period. The best way to choose the correct tool is to try it first. Therefore, it is important to choose applications that have a free trial period that can help you to make a preliminary assessment.
  4. Scalability. It is crucial to analyze well the different offered pricing plans and to have a long-term vision. It is important to know whether the vendor offers more advanced plans than the one that adapts to your current needs, just in case you need more power or features in the future.
  5. Basic features. A project management tool must include, at least, some basic minimum features such as the possibility of managing multiple projects, delegating tasks to users, a calendar or time reports.
  6. Advanced features. Based on your daily work, you may need some extra features such as Gantt charts, templates, file sharing capabilities, expense management, the option to export data to Excel, a roles and permissions system or profitability reports.
  7. Different roles, different needs. Depending on the type of organization and type of project to develop, the software may be required to meet the needs of a number of members involved in the project. They can be project managers, more focused on coordination, or team members, more focused on communication and the reporting of the daily work.
  8. Other special needs. Sometimes you may need even a more specific tool because of the sector in which the project is developed and / or the requirements derived from the methodology to follow. In that case, look for the one that better fits your needs while taking into account the pros and cons of choosing a less widely used application.
  9. Excellence in customer service. Just check it out for yourself. Look in the website for contact channels that the software vendor offers and test the customer service by sending those queries, questions or suggestions that arose during the free trial period. Thus, you will know in advance the quality of their customer support, the time to get a response and the closeness of the company to the users.
  10. References. You can take a look through social networks to see if someone has already tested the software you are evaluating and try to get other opinions on the application as a whole or about features you’re particularly interested in.

What do you think? Would you add another element to this list?

At Doolphy, we believe that our tool achieves an excellent score in all of these key elements, but of course, you have the last word ;). We encourage you to compare and test Doolphy against other tools that may suit your needs, and tell us your opinion.

We hope that Doolphy passes your test with flying colors and that it becomes both your chosen solution and the tool that helps you to increase the success of your projects.

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Online Project Management Software
July 14, 2011 ·

hey i completely agree with you on this one, for a person like me who has a lot of work to manage a project management solution is very much required to manage all the projects and the related tasks. I think that we should buy a project manage solution or software very carefully because it can benefit our work greatly in the long run.

July 15, 2011 ·

Hello! Thanks for writing! We totally agree with you. Using a project management tool is an investment for our professional future, and with time it can become one of the key aspects to make a success of our projects.

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