Hey, Guys! I Work From Home Today

Some years ago it was unthinkable to serve a customer, create a new design or study a project in pajamas. However, nowadays, thanks to technology, we can turn any corner of our home into our office. What a pleasure! Huh? ;-)

Doolphy at Home


Why is this possible today?

The development of the Internet and the increasing presence of online software (SaaS) have reduced the constraints that made it difficult for dispersed teams to do a good job and work together towards the same goal, in the same way as if they were in the same room. And that is because now there are tools that act as hubs of information, and that provide to the users the information they need to progress in the projects they are working on.

What can be done to make it work?

To answer this question we’ll focus on the field we have more experience in: project management ;):

  • To have an updated schedule of your project and tasks. To be owners of our own time and to be autonomous, it is important to know the degree of progress of the project against the goal to achieve.

What’s your opinion about it?

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Picture: JoséMa Orsini

2 Responses to Hey, Guys! I Work From Home Today

June 29, 2011 ·

Wow, there’s a work from home day. That’s pretty cool. I definitely agree that there are so many advantages to working from home. So it’s a great idea to spread to word as long as it doesn’t get too saturated.

June 29, 2011 ·

Thanks for writing!

We’re glad you like this post and we hope that you’ve enjoyed with the Doolphy Blog!

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