Delegation Of Tasks: Don’t Be Afraid, Doolphy Helps You!


This week we want to tell you about how Doolphy can help you to dispel the myths that exist around task delegation which we have already described in our previous post.

Doolphy tools useful to delegate

Doolphy includes several features which can help you to deal with the main issues that may appear when you delegate tasks:

1. Planning report: it helps you to see at a glance the expected effort and duration assigned to each project.

You can share information with collaborators to offer them an overall vision of the current projects and tasks.

2. Task report and Users report: these tools help you to know the status of your team’s work, the workload of each member and what they are spending their time on.

Thus, you can optimize the workload of each team member based on the priority and number of tasks that are assigned to them.

3. Time report and Financial report: they help you to know in detail the information about time and expenses related to your projects, including an analysis of their profitability.

You can check the overall development of your projects, which allows you to focus on what goals have to be achieved and when.

4. Roles and permissions: you can assign different roles to users, which allows you to grant them access only to the information they need.

You decide the actions that each team member can perform and the information that they can see.

Thanks to Doolphy, you can get all information that is associated to your work and lose the fear of delegating.

Knowing how and when to delegate is an essential part of teamwork, which is, in turn, a fundamental key to achieve success in your projects.

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