Task Delegation: The 9 Myths

A growing responsibility always involves a load of tasks that can surpass the best boss or director capacity of management. That is the reason why knowing how to delegate is a major skill for every manager. However, delegating can make you feel like you’re loosing control of the tasks that are being entrusted to others.

Robin, Batman and Batgirl

Even the best superheros need to delegate

Today we want to talk about the 9 myths that prevent you from delegating and our particular point of view about each one of them:

1. I cannot trust my staff with these responsibilities.

Remember that you are the one who chose them.

2. When I delegate I lose control over the results.

Not true! Focus on what has to be achieved and when.

3. I am the only one with all the answers; nobody else knows how to do it.

You must be kidding, right?

4. It will be faster if I do it.

First time, maybe, but… don’t you think that someone can learn to do it, even better and faster than you?

5. If I delegate, I lose authority.

It is just the opposite.

6. If I delegate, the work of my team is recognized, but not mine.

A good leader is one who shines with the brightness of the team. The measure of success of a leader is the success of his team.

7. Delegating I lose flexibility and control of my time.

Would you really have more flexibility or time by doing everything by yourself?

8. My colleagues are too busy.

What are they doing?

9. My collaborators don’t have all the information they need and they lack an overall view of the project.

Ask yourself who has to provide them with the information they need.

Summing up, we can say that delegating doesn’t mean losing control over the work. On the contrary, you will be more able to motivate your team, making it more participative in the success of your projects. In addition, you will get time to develop new activities that are more relevant to your profile and job position.

“Delegation is the manager first tool and its absence or misuse is a major cause of failure.”

Soon, we will discuss how Doolphy can help you to successfully exercise the ability to delegate.

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Picture: Robin, Batman and Batgirl

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