Project Management and the Internet: The Future Is Now

Project Management Software DoolphyA few days ago, we celebrated the Internet Day. Surely some of you attended events that took place in several places around the globe.

If we look back and think about how our interaction with technology was in the past, we can realize how much it has changed with time. Now, we have more sophisticated tools and all the news and information is communicated almost instantly thanks to the Internet. We are living a revolution that has affected both our personal and professional lives. Today, we want to discuss this change in the area of project management.

Why this change?

There are several factors that have shaped how project management is today:

  • Immediacy is a concept very present in our current lifestyle. Within our professional field, we cannot wait to see if our projects are profitable or where we are spending our time on. We need our information to be continually updated; every second of our lives matters and information is power, so it should be available anytime and anywhere.
  • Globalization. Geographical distance is no longer an impediment to develop any kind of relationship. If you work in a distributed group, you need to have a tool that gathers everything together and make it available to everyone independently of their location.
  • Lots of information. We are immersed in a huge amount of information. In order to optimize our time and productivity, we need to both filter it in order to distill the really important one and make more efficient the way we receive it. Thus, we have to be able to check the degree of progress of a project, analyze its results or access to documents associated to it without having to receive unnecessary emails and without having to arrange not-that-productive meetings.
  • Working groups. In most cases, we don’t work alone but as part of a group of people that should move towards a common goal. And it is one of the key tasks of a project manager to use his or her skills to achieve success.

How does Doolphy help you?

Doolphy, one of the online project management applications with more presence in the world, helps you every day:

  • Easy assignment of projects and tasks to those who are going to execute them, allowing us to manage the time of the team more efficiently. We can know  at any time what the foreseen planning is, the goals and what members of the team are involved in the project. It allows all the information associated to the project to be available in one place, avoiding losses or delays. That is, it combines teamwork with the necessary independence that allows us to be owners of our time.
  • Access to needed information. Information overload can also become a time thief and we must ensure that each of us has the really needed information to be more productive. The easy Doolphy roles and permissions system is very useful in this regard.
  • Learn from past experiences, thanks to the activity history that you can keep in Doolphy. You can check the development rate and results of past projects through full reports. Gaining the trust of new customers has never been so easy ;)

But that’s not all! We want you to discover it by yourself and share with us the advantages of using Doolphy. We are waiting for you! ;)

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