How To Improve Team Productivity With Good Organization

When we talk about organizational skills, we refer to those aspects that a project manager should control in relation to the working practices within the team and the support processes that are necessary for the proper execution of a project. These skills have a direct impact on both personal and group productivity since the team becomes more efficient and boosts its motivation.

Project Management Productivity


A project manager should keep in mind the following points in order to become a good “organizer”:

  • Keep documentation well organized and accessible to all team members. To this end, the best solution is to have a file manager available at all times.
  • Coordinate and centralize the project schedule so all the people involved in the project know in advance, the agenda, the schedule of meetings, all the significant milestones and all the start and end dates of projects and tasks.
  • Minimize the time spent on administrative tasks. It is essential to use a system to store all the project information, report the hours that have been spent in each task and register the expenses that are associated to carrying out different tasks.
  • Grant information access to each person connected with the project, so they can retrieve the information they need when they need it –whether it is about planning, reporting, monitoring…

As you can see, all these aspects are directly related to the centralization of information, and they can be easily achieved by making use of an online project management tool.

Doolphy is the ideal tool to help the project manager with these organizational tasks. It provides a fully integrated file management system, a calendar, time sheets, an expense management section, detailed reporting and a system of roles and permissions. Try it now and enjoy the benefits of Doolphy, and let it help you becoming a great “organizer” ;-)

This post is the last one in the series dedicated to the skills and core competencies of a project manager. In previous posts, we talked about management, leadership and communication skills.

Which of all these skills do you think is most important? Can you think of some other important characteristic to add to the list?


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