Roles and Permissions (II): Don’t Let Excessive Information Steal Your Time

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Today we want to tell you more about our roles and permissions feature. ¿Do you know that Doolphy includes a number of predefined roles? You can use them to easily define the access rights to different sections for you and your team.

In F1, the team’s roles are always clearly defined

The roles are:

  • Administrator: an administrator has access rights to all the information and sections within the application. People assigned to this role have all the necessary information to make decisions about the company, which makes it the ideal for professionals that are in managerial and senior positions.
  • Project leader: A user assigned to this role can view and edit the information of all the projects in which he or she is working, besides being able to generate reports to analyze their development.
  • Collaborator: a collaborator has only access to projects to which he or she is assigned to, and can edit the information related to them in order to state its degree of development. This role allows the collaborator to be aware of the planning, progress, users and tasks related to the project. Therefore, it is a profile that usually fits with the needs of most team members involved with the project.
  • Guest: a person with this role can read the information about the projects he or she is assigned to. It can view any project report, except the financial ones. This profile is perfect for granting access to your customers to Doolphy. Thus, they will be able to know in real time the project progress, reducing the number of calls and meetings required to keep them informed.

And in addition, you can also create your own profiles, setting customized combinations of permissions at your will.

With Doolphy we want to make your job easier. Each new release or update of the application is based on the opinions and suggestions that you all send us every day. Now it’s your turn, what do you think about the system of roles and permissions?

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