Time: The Importance Of Its Management and Monitoring

This week we will continue to introduce the new reports that we released in Doolphy recently. This time, it is the turn of the new “Time Report”.

We have already talked about time management in previous posts, as we believe that it is one of the main challenges any worker faces in his or her day to day work. We can summarize the rules or tips to achieve the goal of managing time in an optimized way in 3 points:

  1. Global view. In one of our previous posts we talked about the importance of knowing what we are investing our time in at the individual level, but it is also essential to have that vision at the project level. Thus, it is really important to know how the team as a whole uses its time, apart from the knowledge of the time required by the activities that each member carries out.
  2. Business planning –which is directly related to the previous one. You need to be able to measure how many resources the projects that you are managing are going to require or have required in the past or during a specific period of time. This way, you can see whether the available human resources are sufficient and/or what workload level your team is able to cope with. In sum, good planning is not enough if we do not have the necessary tools to measure if we can really follow it.
  3. Awareness of how we use time –which is also related to the two previous points. At the group level, it is important to know which particular projects and tasks we have been working on during a specific date range.

How does Doolphy help you to manage your time?

The new time report of our online project management software offers a solution for each one of the above problems. You will be able to see, for the date range you choose, the time spent to each projects. And if you need a higher level of detail, you can also see the user statistics for a selected group of users.


Project management finds in Doolphy a great friend. With Doolphy, it becomes much easier. We’re working on new features and improvements. While these make their appearance in the application, we still would like to know about your opinions and suggestions on the latest releases.

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