Do I Really Know How I Spend My Time?

Many times we look back to see if we have made good use of our time, whether in our leisure moments –as when we’re back from a trip–, or in our work. But, when speaking about projects, why is it so necessary to know how I spend my time?

Having this information will be very useful at different stages during a project development. In this regard, we can emphasize 3 big benefits:

  1. Personal planning:  the only way that you can really monitor your daily or weekly plan is to know how you spend your time, so you can check if you are meeting  your daily or weekly plan.
  2. Team Management: if you are a project manager and you are in charge of a team, having this kind of statistics will let you know what the team is working on, and whether the team is complying with the established priority of the tasks. With this tool, coordination meetings will be more effective too.
  3. Reallocation of resources: by controlling and monitoring the time that is spent in different tasks you will be able to check if you are spending too much effort in any of them, and maybe overlooking more important ones. In that case, it could be the time to redefine the priorities of the tasks, hire more resources or outsource a part of the project.

As you can see, this type of statistics is useful to every member of the team, whether project manager or not. Doolphy, as a project management tool, offers this feature together with an improved section on user statistics.

In sum, know the value of your time and realize how you are spending it to avoid misusing it. You can start doing so now with Doolphy ;)

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