The Gantt Chart, Your Best Friend in Project Management

Hi! We have previously talked about the main key points in Project Management and how planning is vital to achieve all the goals of our projects. So today we want to present one of the main tools used for effective project and task management, the Gantt Chart. Doolphy Planning Report The main benefit of this diagram is that you get an overview of the current planning and the resources that are needed for all projects and tasks on a timeline, so that, at a glance, you can graphically see how all the workload is scheduled, both yours and that of your colleagues.

What does Doolphy offer?

In Doolphy we want to go a little further. We continue to expand our features, so we have just released a new Planning Report which includes a Gantt chart that, not only gives you an overview of your projects but also, lets you monitor the progress of all tasks from the diagram itself; in this way, you can quickly check which have been developed effectively and which have exceeded the planned time or effort.

And what is the best way to actually check Gantt Chart’s benefits? If you are a user of Doolphy already, don’t wait any more to sign in; and if you don’t have an account yet, we invite you to sign up now!

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