Project Management & the Academy Awards Ceremony

Last February 28th, the 88th edition of the prizes awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, also known as the Oscars, took place in Los Angeles, California.

For that reason, we want to use this week’s post to speak about the organization of events, thinking of them as projects. In the case of the Oscars, the goal is to hold a ceremony where the prized awards are given to professionals in the film industry to recognize their valuable work during the year. This year’s ceremony has brought the following figures:

  • 6,261 members of the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted.
  • The Dolby Theater has a capacity of 3,400 people.
  • 60 ushers were working during the ceremony.
  • 288 media were officially accredited to the ceremony.
  • 63 photographers and 36 journalists were located at the sides of the red carpet.
  • 300 employees were hired to work in the Oscars’ office.
  • 1,500 guests attended the official celebration at the Governors Ball.

Resources had to be perfectly assigned and grouped into pre-planned tasks. And there were time and financial limits that had to be observed. Clearly, for cases like this one, it is necessary the presence of a team leader to coordinate and ensure that the objectives are met.

How does project management apply to the organization of events?

Once the objectives are defined, planning comes into play. Requesting estimates, choosing a catering service, ordering costumes, writing scripts, setting the red carpet or calling the media are some of the tasks to perform. Knowing what to do and in what time allows the project manager to better manage his team. In addition, if everyone has a clear idea of what to do, the collaboration between them will be easier and will show less friction.

Similarly, it is necessary to know the degree of progress of the project and of each one of its tasks, and if they are running according to the requirements that have been specified by the customer. That is, development must always be linked to monitoring activities. This is necessary because it is important to be prepared for any sudden and unexpected change that may affect the correct progress of the project plan.

In addition, if each worker records the time that he or she spends on each task, we will have a very close idea of the approximated effort that has been required, and this is a very important information to have when we’re billing the customer in case that it was agreed that way.

And finally, when the event is done and finished, what to do? The motivation of the team is very important and therefore it is important to recognize and to reward the work done by each team member. As a nod to the last ceremony, we want to grant the following awards:

  • Oscar to the best director: our project manager.
  • Oscar to the best supporting team: our team.

As you can see, having a project management tool can add much value to the organization of an event. It helps to ensure that we take the necessary steps. The Doolphy Team will continue working and striving to make Doolphy win the Oscar for the best project management software. Do you think we are on the right track? ;)

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Picture: Mike Wu

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