What are reports in Doolphy for?

Some time ago, we wrote about the importance of monitoring project development, and reports are essential to fulfill that mission. They provide information about a certain period of time so that we can easily analyze, draw conclusions and make decisions about our projects. Thus they are a key element that allows us to improve.


Report types available in Doolphy:

  • User stats: it shows, graphically, the users’ time sheets with the hours that have been charged per user per day in a selected date range.
  • Task report: it provides information about the status and priority of the tasks that are assigned to each user of your account in Doolphy.
  • Time report: it includes information about the time that has been invested by users to a specific project or task.
  • Financial report: it allows reviewing the margin and profitability of your projects based on the project-related expenses.


In the following weeks we’ll talk about each report type in detail, but in the meanwhile we recommend you not to wait any more to enjoy their advantages and log in now. And if you don’t have a Doolphy account yet, it’s time to sign up! :-)

And you, what kind of reports do you use to monitor your projects? We encourage you to suggest us new report types to continue improving Doolphy.


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March 21, 2011 ·

Thank you very much for your comment! Doolphy users really enjoy the new reports!

We are working on new surprises so stay tunned! ;)

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