Avoid Your Projects Getting Sick. Monitor!

We will look below at the importance of project monitoring during implementation. With this one, we close the series of articles on the 6 key factors of project failure about the most common mistakes in project management and how to avoid them.

Just as we go to the doctor regularly to monitor our health and make sure there is no problem, our projects require a continuous and comprehensive “check” to detect possible “diseases” during execution. Without constant monitoring of the project progress, it is impossible to identify errors in planning or deviations in implementation or redirect the project towards meeting the objectives.

First, it is essential to have properly set the project objectives and have devised an adequate planning. Thus, we can evaluate the project status by comparing “planned” with “actual” in terms of percentage of completion, partial results, milestones and compliance with the provisions of effort, time or resources.

To do it properly and regularly, you must have tools to collect all the data needed to control the project and provide real time information, in an organized and consistent way.

Doolphy is an on-line project management tool that enables to charge the time spent to each task by participants in the project and the expenses incurred therein, and includes reports that analyze the evolution of projects in real time, both from a time/effort standpoint and a financial one.

Whether you are already a Doolphy user or you have not joined the Doolphymania yet, we invite you to tell us what advantages are associated to track your projects. Also, if you use Doolphy, we encourage you to tell us what you think about the way in which the application helps you managing them in this way.

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