Dynamic Project Management in Response to Changes

In a rapidly changing environment like this, where the level of uncertainty in organizations is high, it is essential to carry out an appropriate management of internal and external changes that may happen in a project to ensure its success.

Therefore, we know that the project is a dynamic, affected by a big amount of factors, some of them unpredictable. Only then, we will be able to respond to them quickly and avoid deviations that prevent us from meeting the expectations of stakeholders.

The keys to successfully carry out a “dynamic management” of the project are:

Continuous monitoring of the project. It is essential to identify changes and make appropriate decisions. The importance of this factor will be debated soon in the final article, which completes the series of articles on the 6 key factors of failure projects.

Flexibility in management. It allows project managers to make necessary modifications with respect to the original plan to adapt to new conditions

Authority to evaluate and decide on changes requested by third parties. The project leader must needs the capacity to reject or modify change requests, especially as regards the project scope, that could jeopardize the attainment of the expected objectives.

Forecasting the motivators of change. In a project, we usually find, for example, the planning errors, the team (may experience low performance or change), participation of third (variable depending on their level of involvement and coordination), the modification by the customer of the expected objectives or problems arising from the use of items or tools needed for the project work inadequately tested (raw materials, technologies, methodologies, etc.). Against this, anticipation is the key to reaction.

A helpful mechanism for dynamic management of the projects is the creation of a Project Management Office (PMO), especially in organizations where the number of simultaneous projects is very high. But that’s another story and we will talk about it in depth at another time ;)

As always, we are particularly interested to meet your opinion. What are the most common changes you face during the execution of a project? How do you handle the impact?

Thanks for your participation!

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