The Importance of Good Project Planning

Let’s continue with the series of posts on the keys of failure in project management. Of those 6 key factors that we identified, we have had already the opportunity to talk about the importance of teamwork, the definition of the project objectives and the use of appropriate methodology. On this occasion, we will analyze the risk of planning the project in the wrong way and its impact on their subsequent implementation and monitoring.

Doolphy_The Gantt Chart
One of the most common mistakes in this area is given by the mismatch between project objectives and the resources and time to reach them. Sometimes, ignorance or lack of experience in the execution of a particular type of project may lead to underestimating the time and resources needed for its realization. To avoid this it is necessary to identify the tasks to be carried out and anticipate any possible deviations that may occur within the natural discourse of the project.

To reduce these deviations it is important to distribute tasks into phases and set milestones within the project. Phases and milestones allow that all team members may visualize the actual project status at any time and they are an important point in the project to assess the possible need for “replanning” or adjustment.
The level of detail in planning will be determined by the type of project, the adopted project management methodology, the degree of maturity, capacity for teamwork and experience in projects of the participants. This will determine whether to develop a very detailed plan specifying the tasks and dates on which each team member will spend a certain number of hours (typical of predictive methodologies) or whether, instead, opt for a more flexible planning which identifies the project objectives and allow team members to organize themselves with much more autonomy in the allocation of tasks, the order of execution and dedication required (usually with agile methodologies).

It’s your turn. Do you spend enough time to plan your projects? Which are for you the key factors for proper planning?

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