6 Key Factors of Failure Projects


Let’s talk about the essential factors that  should guide us to success in project management. But, this time, we want to vary slightly the approach and analyze the most common mistakes that prevent projects succeed and not conform to expectations in terms of results, term or profitability.

What are the most common errors you should avoid if you want to achieve the expected results in your projects?

Project Management Success1. No defining clearly the project objectives

One of the main causes of project failure is the lack of clear, measurable and attainable objectives. You need to know what you want to achieve to conveniently manage the efforts of all parties involved. It is also essential in this process the customer expectations management, whether internal or external, to ensure that the goals are aligned with what is really expected and ensure their satisfaction with the outcome of the project.

2. Not using the appropriate methodology for organizing your project

Each type of project (in terms of sector, size, customer type, etc.) requires a different organization that is linked to a specific project management methodology to determine the process, roles and responsibilities in the organization, monitoring, etc. Not choosing a methodology and expecting the organization to appear spontaneously is a mistake.

3. Incorrect planning of the phases, tasks and resources needed to develop the project

In this planning is essential being realistic and, to this end, acumulated experience plays a key role to avoid underestimating the resource requirements or the timetable for execute each task. Also, milestones must be defined and will serve as reference for the development of the project and facilitate its subsequent monitoring. All this, without losing the overall project view. Proper planning allows the team members know in advance the next steps to avoid delays and downtime.

4. Understanding the project as a static and isolated issue

If the project is not managed during its implementation as a dynamic element that has to deal with unexpected internal or external changes, it will be impossible to react in time and achieve the expected objectives.

5. Waiting the end of the project to analyze the results

We have to review periodically the progress, partial results, milestones achieved and the fulfillment of the planning with appropriate analysis tools that give us the necessary information in real-time for the project assessment and making the necessary decisions. Thus, we can identify and correct any mistakes.

6. Giving the team a minor role in the project

Sometimes, we tend to consider that the project itself, the methodology and planning is sufficient to ensure the success of a project, regardless of the people who run it. Well, if team members do not have the necessary qualification for the tasks, do not feel an essential part of the project and are not aligned and committed to the same goal, or the potencial conflicts that may arise in the personal relations are not properly managed, project failure is guaranteed.

In the future, we will go deeper into each one of the areas mentioned above to try to help you succeed with your projects.

From your experience in project management, what are the main problems to be avoided during the development of a project?


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