Benefits of the SaaS Project Management Software

So far, we have written about our new application and about the model in which it is based. Why is it important for a company to have a tool to manage its projects? Given the current situation of all companies, we all find the necessity of working harder, faster and in several projects at the same time, optimizing expenses in order to obtain the best profitability possible. To achieve this goal the best movement is to learn how to organize our resources and employee time to maximize the functionality of our company. This is not easy though. When a company deals with several projects at the same time, and is possibly composed by a multidisciplinary or geographically distributed team, communication issues may arise. E-mail, telephone, meetings can be used to improve the situation but they aren’t necessarily the best possible way.

This issue is addressed by a number of software solutions such as video conferences, instant messaging, synchronization tools, social networks, etc. However today we want to comment on a tool that is gaining a lot of traction lately: the project management software on demand.

Which differences do this kind of tool show in comparison with others?

With some tools you can send and share files, and with others you can communicate. With a project management tool your can do all this and more. You can also manage all the actions and information that is related to a project like, for instance, assign tasks, charge hours, control expenses, check the advance and viability of your projects, keep a calendar that is organized by all users, etc.

What benefits and advantages can one expect from on-line project management tools?

Thanks to the amount of functionalities that they offer, any company can study the current situation of all its projects, the activity of its employees and plans, saving time in communication by e-mail, phone calls, etc. and providing an overview of the company work.

You are able to optimize your projects, and become aware of their actual cost and their profitability, before it is too late to perform corrective operations. Such a tool is the best option to know what is the real value of your time when you are providing a service to a customer. That is truly helpful to both companies and freelance workers.

Without doubt, the major advantages of these tools are their low cost and high availability. They are distributed under the SaaS model, which means, as we have mentioned in other posts, that no local installation is necessary. It is possible to access the application from anywhere, via Internet, without the necessity paying licenses for users or terminals. Thus, the price is much lower than in traditional software. In addition, updates are continuous and automatic, making unnecessary to install them or paying for updated versions of our programs.

Lastly, our piece of advice is: don’t hesitate to try these tools since they help us to not only communicate, share and collaborate, but also to manage tasks and save time and money from the very first minute.

As for us, we want to encourage you to try our application, Doolphy, which completely fulfills all these functionalities and that will leave the beta version soon to bring you new features.


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