Let’s Talk About SaaS…

As you know, our tool Doolphy is based on the SaaS model. Let’s get some insights into what this model means since it is getting a lot of buzz lately.

There are many definitions of SaaS, but this one is the preferred by us:

SaaS is a software distribution model by the means of which an information technology company (IT) provides the services of maintenance, daily operation and user support for certain software

With this model, the traditional concept of software license disappears and users subscribe to the service. In that sense, the customer just pays for the use of the service not having to incur in expenses related to hardware or software maintenance. The first direct benefit from this is that it is possible to keep the software expenses to a constant level, and some times these expenses are lower than in traditional software.

One great benefit of the SaaS distribution model is that applications are available to users independently of their geographic location and the size of their companies. In SaaS the product and the service are joined in a single entity, which allows companies to optimize resources and costs through the use of a complete solution.

As you may expect, as any other distribution model, SaaS has its advantages and disadvantages, however, lately there are many professionals that currently are choosing using this model of distribution, making SaaS the preferred way of software hosting and the way of avoiding the in-house installation of software when it is not strictly necessary.

Another interesting advantage is that users have 24×7 access to their applications, with the only requirement of a working Internet connection.

Summing up, the main advantage of SaaS is that it is a way of saving time and money, and in addition it allows companies to focuse in their activities and forget about system maintenance. As a consequence, it may lead to increases in productivity and a better customer support.

Interesting, right? In next posts we will keep you informed about everything related to SaaS and in particular about Online Project Management in particular.


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