How to Adapt to a New Manager

Work teams change as new employees are added and others move to new positions or companies. If you chose to start a small business and are growing, you’re probably looking to bring in new hires. However, finding people who are the right fit with your company and culture can prove a challenge. Adapting to a new team takes time. What about when a new manager is brought in? While he/she is part of your immediate workforce, the lines are drawn a bit differently.


Keep these 4 things in mind when a new manager is hired.

  1. They’re nervous. Being in a managerial position isn’t easy, especially when your staff has been there longer. Be patient with your new manager. As you adapt to them, they’re familiarizing themselves with a new office and a new team too.
  2. You need to make a good impression. Just like when you were initially hired, come in early and stay late. This will get you noticed and may help you and your new boss establish a positive working relationship sooner rather than later.
  3. Things will change. You cannot expect things to be done the same way. This new manager was hired for a reason and change is very likely to occur. Be prepared for the change and keep an open mind. At least at first, you need to follow the leader – in this case, your new manager.
  4. There is a transitional period. While you may not understand your new manager’s methods right away, realize the normal transitional period needs to take place. If after some time goes by, you don’t like the way things are being done either because they don’t align with company values or the manager is over their heads, start documenting the instances that affect your department and the company.

When a new manager is hired to oversee an established work team, adaptation on both ends can be difficult at first. Keep an open mind, communicate effectively, and be flexible as things are bound to change.

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