Perfect Project Management (Part IV) = GNOs + Doolphy


With this post we complete the series about how different kinds of organizations make the best use of Doolphy to manage their projects. Today, we want to talk about NGOs, any kind of nonprofit organizations, charity institutions and socially aware foundations.

A “social project” has many common elements with projects that are developed in different environments, such as the business world. The good use of the resources that are available is the key to achieve the planned goals. To do so it is necessary to have a plan, a non-interrupted internal communication and keep track of the project development.

Many of these projects are developed by teams that are geographically scattered, with some members working in the organization’s headquarters, and others doing field work in the place where the action is being taking place. Some of these projects have international scope and many try to improve the life conditions in developing countries. In these cases, it is fundamental to have a single, unified way of communication and a central repository of information that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, it is possible to share the information that is needed by all the organization members, including the project degree of development.

Unlike other kinds of projects, here the concept of “profitability” is very different, but it is still important to keep the project within budget. To avoid risking both the current project and the future ones, the financial situation has to evade negative balances.  To this end, it is important to keep track of all expenses that are associated to the project.


Do you work at a NGO or serve as a volunteer in a nonprofit? How do you keep track of the tasks that are being carried and their costs? If you want to tell us about how you use Doolphy get in touch with us, we’ll gladly share your experiences with the rest of the world in this blog.

We hope you have found this post interesting. If you want to know more about what kind of organizations make use of Doolphy, take a look at the rest of posts in this series about marketing agencies, consulting firms and tech companies.

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