Doolphy Actors (IV): Managers & Directors

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Managers & Directors: Doolphy

With this post, we close a series about profiles related to project management and how Doolphy helps them in their work.

This time we will review the case of Adriana, who runs a company specialized in online marketing, covering all types of Internet-related works: from website development to online communication through management of advertising campaigns. We have talked about collaborators, team members, project managers and clients. Today we want to talk about managers and directors who, although often are not directly related to project execution, are really interested in its development and outcome.

Before using Doolphy, Adriana used to spend a lot of time with the overall coordination of the company projects. Not being involved in the day to day of projects, she constantly needed to meet the various project managers to know their progress.

Some times, Adriana obligations required her to spend several days or even weeks, away from the office and, to compensate it, she asked for detailed reports of all the activity each and every one of the project managers. This required them to spend valuable time in this reporting task and it took them out of the direct contribution to projects.

A few months ago, one of her colleagues managed to convince her of the need to make use of an online project management tool with conclusive arguments, and suggested Doolphy. After trying it with a couple of pilot projects for free for 30 days, Adriana decided not to wait one more day and promoted its use throughout the company.

Since the day she began using Doolphy, Adriana has real time information about project developments through the use of time and economical reports. Thus, she keeps adequate supervision without interfering with the development unless it is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, in direct contact with customers, she has all the needed information to answer all their questions and concerns.

In Adriana’s position it is particularly necessary to have an overview of the status of all business activity, and this is very easy to obtain with Doolphy, which lets you graphically compare the progress and results achieved in the various projects quickly and easily. For example, you can compare the profitability achieved in them. This has allowed her to decide to prioritize the acceptance of communication and publicity works over web development, which tended to be less profitable due to the structure of the company and the capabilities of their employees.

She can also compare the profitability and the degree of compliance with the execution deadlines for different customers. Thanks to this analysis, she has been able to choose 5 of their clients as “preferred customers” because they get the best results in terms of efficiency and quality with them.

Finally, a Doolphy feature that is particularly appreciated by Adriana: client management. Doolphy incorporates the possibility of creating an integrated customer database that provides access to all information in one tool. And of course, she is delighted! How could she not be? ;-)

And what about you? Do you run a business or department carrying out projects and still you aren’t using Doolphy to manage them? So what are you waiting for? ;-)


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