“Doolphy helps us to be on time in the most important moments” The case of Ingeniería Civil, Desarrollo y Sociedad.

This week, the Ingeniería Civil, Desarrollo y Sociedad team wanted to share how they work with Doolphy with all of us. Juan Jerónimo Torralba, team member, told us how they develop their projects with the help of Doolphy. We are sure that their experience will help you too!

The Ingeniería Civil Desarrolloy Sociedad Team

The Ingeniería Civil Desarrolloy Sociedad Team

Doolphy (D): How would you describe your experience with Doolphy?

Juan JerónimoTorralba (JJT): I think that using Doolphy is one of the best decisions that we’ve had. We have developed our tasks in the more efficiently than ever before.

D: What does Doolphy provide to you?

JJT: No doubt Doolphy is a good tool for managing our tasks. From all the things we had to do to advertise our conferences or to manage award programs. Doolphy has allowed us to be on time in the most important moments. Thanks to Doolphy we have saved a lot of time and effort, it has helped us a lot coordinating all the tasks that we undertook to create the association and our brand.

D: What are the most useful features of Doolphy?

JJT: It’s very easy to know in a glance in which stage is each project or task. It helps us to know which area needs an extra effort also.

D: Would you recommend Doolphy?

JJT: Without hesitation! Some friends are using it and I use it in a personal way for managing the final proyect I’m developing for my major.

About Ingeniería Civil, Desarrollo y Sociedad:

Juan Jerónimo Torralba works in Ingeniería Civil, Desarrollo y Sociedad. It’s an non-profit organization that was created in 2009 by students. Their main goal is to contribute in improving the education of both students and professionals in the Civil Engineering field.

Their activities include celebrating conferences, courses, business simulation games, etc.

Here from the Doolphy Blog, we want to thank you for sharing your experience with us and we hope that Doolphy continues helping you in your personal and professional projects.


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