How to persuade your boss to work with an online project management tool

Convince-your-bossIf you work on projects and are looking forward for your company to make use of an online project management tool, we want to help you get it. There are many benefits of using one of such tools but today we bring you 7+1 conclusive arguments so you can convince your boss:

  1. Every good project manager must have an online project management tool for easy organization, implementation and monitoring of projects.
  2. You can plan your projects and obtain Gantt charts easily and quickly.
  3. You can organize and delegate tasks by setting different priorities and checking their status.
  4. You will have available those collaborative features that team members need for better communication within projects.
  5. You can have time tracking integrated with project management.
  6. You’ll save money by reducing deviations in time and cost thanks to time and financial reports, and you can keep your projects ‘in good shape’.
  7. You will be able to know and compare the profitability of different projects.

In addition, Doolphy gives you one more reason to use it as your online project management application:

  1. You can try it free for 30 days. And for far less than you think… Look at these prices! ;)

With these 8 reasons your boss can‘t say no, don’t you agree? ;) Can you think of any other reason to add to this list? We’d love to hear it!

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