Perfect Project Management (III): Tech Companies + Doolphy


With this post, we want to resume the series on the sectors that benefit from the use of Doolphy in managing their projects. This time is the turn of technological projects and companies in the ICT sector, for example those engaged in software or mobile application development.

In past installments, we brought to you 2 success cases in this sector: NetLiga and Yxcon Proyectos. In both cases, we could see some elements that are common in most technological projects and how Doolphy helps them in their management. Now we’ll go over the different phases of the life cycle of project management.


There is no doubt that planning is an essential element in the success or failure of a project, but in those projects that are associated to technology this is especially important.

The meeting deadlines on time is a fundamental requirement when assessing a technology project and the deviations are very common. Sometimes it is due to lack of rigor in making requests. Another common error is not setting milestones that delineate the different phases depending on the version developed (sketch, prototype, test version, etc.).

In addition, delegation of tasks is very important to obtain a better organization of all the performed work. Our friends from Yxcon Proyectos told us recently that they like “how it is possible to organize and assign the tasks of each project to the involved users.”


Monitoring of deadlines is essential but it is necessary to have a tool to record the effort spent by each team member in each one of the tasks.

The guys from Netliga told us that the time sheet has allowed them to “keep track of the real effort that is needed to perform each task.” This is one of the most valued features by many of our customers who, before using Doolphy, were forced to use a spreadsheet to control the hours, which involved the creation of individual reports of hours emailed by each participant in the project.

Coordination and communication among team members are key elements in the successful execution of the project. In this regard, it is essential to have a tool that includes collaborative features that are integrated with the management and control functions.


Monitoring of deadlines or analyzing project profitability are not possible without control tools that provide us with fast, clear and structured information. Doolphy reports will be your best ally in the control of these projects either in real time, during execution, or at the end of the project to learn from mistakes and correct them in the following undertakes.

Planning and time reports will give us clear information on the project progress and the real effort made. In addition, many of these projects are working against a budget that has been previously established, and financial reports are essential to show us in real time the cumulative return of the project and the margin that we still have for completion.

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If you want to tell us about the benefits that Doolphy brings to you when running your technology projects, as Yxcon Proyectos and Netliga have done, we will be happy to hear your experience and share it with the Doolphy community through this blog. So what are you waiting for? ;)


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