How to Motivate Your Team?


Leaders who are concerned about their teams have wondered about this issue at length. There isn’t any magic way to achieve it but there are some pieces of advice that you can take into account in order to accomplish this goal.


But first a word of caution, It is essential for you to know your team before you can adopt measures for making them happy in their jobs and make them enjoy their tasks.

  • Define goals. It’s very important to know what we want to achieve. Thanks to this knowledge, we can know more about the importance and the impact of our tasks in the final result.
  • You must know when to delegate and allow team members having responsibilities and doing things without requiring your constant approval.
  • Give them the required resources. You should add to delegation all the things that they need in order to develop their job.
  • Celebrate with them. Only teamwork will make the team achieve the objectives so you should share success with all team members.
  • Communication! We don’t have to miss one of the main leadership habilities. You should communicate and avoid to be separate of your team because of secrets (transparency is very important).

Motivation has an influence on performance and the working environment. In my personal opinion, it’s a very important aspect because we spend a lot of time with our workmates.

As you can see, I have not spoken yet about financial retribution. Although economic factors can have a very important influence on motivation, you should know that it’s not the only thing and people want to feel “fulfilled” and appreciated. Especially it’s very interesting for a start-up, which has limited economical resources at the beginning of its adventure.

Motivating and keeping a high level of motivation in your team is a motivational task, isn’t it? ;)

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