Using Doolphy is just … inspiring! The case of NetLiga

NetLigaNetLiga is a dream that is becoming true. The team has wanted to share their experience with all of us. The current economic situation prevents its members from working exclusively on it, and they have to invest their free time in the project. Because of that it’s almost impossible to manage the project development on a fixed schedule, and thus they have no choice but to work remotely and share everything over the Cloud. As you can imagine coordinating the team under these circumstances is quite a challenge, especially when efficiency and quality are key.

That’s why they starting looking around for a tool that could help them to manage their project and they had to discard many options. Some were too complicated and required lots of effort to work with them. Others needed to be installed in their development machines, which meant they could not use them inmediately. And finally, others were just plain too expensive for them.

Doolphy (D): How did you faced up the situation of knowing that you needed some tool in order to collaborate and manage?

NetLiga (NL): We were about to give up the search, with the conclusion that there was no tool that could satisfy our needs.

We thought that we would have to settle upon a plain spreadsheet, with the hope that everyone would keep it clean and up to date.  Efficient and effective planning was at that time an unrealistic daydream for us.

But then we found Doolphy in the Google Chrome Web Store and we said to ourselves “Why not give it a try?”  That was the best choice that we could have made for our planning.  As soon as we started using the tool, we realized that this was the tool that we were searching for. It was almost tailor-made to our needs!

D: How has Doolphy helped you?

NL: As we have said, it was almost tailor-made to our needs! Our favorite features are:

  • No installation is required because it works in the cloud. Thus, we could use it on any machine with a web browser. (Plus one for Doolphy!)
  • In just a couple of hours we were able to set up the project, the users and all the tasks, timings, and dependencies!
  • It’s amazingly easy-to-use, even for beginning users.  Everything is right where you would expect it, which allows us to concentrate on development.  Wasting time in keeping project planning up to date is something from the past!
  • The time sheet tool allowed us to finally have a record of the real amount of effort required to accomplish each task.
  • And on top of that, it is a very esthetically nice app!

D: Would you recommend Doolphy?

We highly recommend Doolphy to anyone who wants to make task planning a piece of cake!

All that we can say is, thanks Doolphy!

About NetLiga:

NetLiga is a young entrepreneur team that is pursuing a dream: the development of a web application called NetLiga. NetLiga is an on-line soccer management game based on actual team and player data gathered from prestigious sport magazines and media.  Our objective is to make a game that you would love to:

  • Play with your friends in a private league.
  • Compete season after season to win an Xbox.
  • Talk about it with your colleagues around the water cooler.

NetLiga turns every single soccer league match into a very exciting event, even when the teams playing are not wearing your colors… We are achieving our dream, day by day, with already more than 20.000 registered users!

From Doolphy, we would like to wish them all the luck and we hope to continue accompanying them in the road to success.

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