Time Thieves: Who or What Steals My Time?

 “There are 3 things in life that never come back: time, words and opportunities”

I’m sure that you have read or heard this quote a lot of times. It looks like all of us know about the importance of time. However, how many times do we waste it? Maybe, we shouldn’t think too hard about this question or we can get scared.

Time thieves

In this post, we’ll identify the most famous time thieves. You should know that knowing them is the first step to fight them.

  • Social Networks, email, chat rooms. Most of us are present in social networks, use email like a normal work tool and communicate with our workmates in chat rooms. We should know that we can’t check out these applications continuously because we’d interrupt our work. A good piece of advice is to use your spare time to check social networks and their content. You can also set some status that shows “not available” or use pauses to read and answer pending emails.
  • Unexpected visits and phone calls. A good solution can be to always arrange appointments and try (if you can) not to receive anyone who didn’t have an appointment. Regarding to phone calls, if nobody can screen your calls, you can activate your answering machine in order to get some peace. Your concentration will thank you.
  • Meetings without a plan. Meetings are useful as long as they are productive. Some key aspects to get them work are to set a duration that has to be observed and to clearly establish the points that are going to be discussed.
  • Ineffective communication. We’d be surprised if we knew how much time we waste because a bad communication. Think about how you say things and take a time to meditate if you are conveying information in the most clear way. Paying some attention to your communication skills can help you avoiding a lot of misunderstandings and repetitions.
  • Unclear goals. One of the worst time thieves is not having a clear definition of your goals. Having fuzzy or not clear goals can make us to go off track and to perform work that is not the one that we should be doing. Very likely, later, we’ll have to take some steps back and do/redo the actual work that had to be done.

In general, a good piece of advice to fight against time thieves is to learn how to say “no”. Both your workmates and your personal productivity will thank you.

In addition, having a good organization system is key. Doolphy can help you with that every day.

Have you identified your time thieves? How do you avoid them?

We’ll look forward to hearing your opinions and comments.


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