Doolphy Actors (III): Customers

Doolphy CustomersHello!

This week we want to continue writing about the different profiles who participate in project management. This time, it is the turn of customers and how they can contribute and be more involved in the projects that other companies are developing for them, thanks to Doolphy.

To understand it better, we are going to explain David’s experience. Louis (Commercial Director at a specialized website development company) has been contacted by David to make a website for David’s business. Once the budget and the project plan have been approved, David wants to be kept informed about its progress in a daily basis.

That is why Louis has created a Doolphy user for his customer, David. Thanks to the role and permission system, Louis assigned David a customized role based on the “guest” predefined role. Now, David can track the progress of the project, and at the same time, Louis can keep in strict secret some internal aspects like cost per hour of his employees or additional sensible data about other customers.

Daily, David can know how his project progresses thanks to the Gantt chart. Neither constant phone calls nor daily meetings are necessary in order to know if Louis’ team accomplishes milestone dates.

In addition, Louis gave David access to the file browser so Louis can upload new drafts of different sections of the website, and David can get an idea of the work being done.

Doolphy contribution to their relationship makes both of them happy. They have obtained more transparency and communication so Louis can be focus on his team management and the development of the website. Also, he can avoid unproductive follow-up meetings.

And now we want to know more about how do you work with your customers. What problems do you face? What kind of information do they usually ask for?

If you aren’t using Doolphy yet, we want to encourage you to try it. Doolphy can be a premium value regarding to your competitors. We are sure that your customers will appreciate proximity and effectiveness that you get using Doolphy for their project management.


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