Women as Project Manager

The International Women’s Day is celebrated today to commemorate their struggle in order to participate in society and in their complete development as a person, enjoying similar conditions as men do. (Source: Wikipedia).

From the Doolphy Blog, we want to pay tribute to all of them and in this case, we will talk about mothers in particular, since in some countries this festivity is celebrated today.

According to the report done by Randstad consulting, New Zealand (45%), Sweden (42%) and Denmark (40%) are the countries with more companies run by women. While, at the opposite end we find India (21%), Turkey (20%) and Japan (17%).

Whenever I read such statements I remember my mother and her ability to lead “organization”, that is to say, her  family. I think she, like most mothers, reflect many of the qualities sought in a good leader and / or project manager. Take into account that, for me, my mother is the best, so I could not help that some of my personal experience remains patent :P:

  • Entrepreneur: what echoes through features such as courage, tenacity, passion and initiative.
  • Planner  for all tasks, coordinating household and professional beyond.
  • She makes sure that everything is in order and turns out just as planned. Otherwise, she has available some B or C plan, if necessary;).
  • Productive, perhaps this is what makes her to be able to do many things in just 24 hours.
  • Motivating, getting the best from her team.
  • Understanding. In this case, there is not much more to say… You have looked for a mother’s hug, haven’t you? ;)

On the day that women’s rights and advancement are claimed, we wanted to dedicate a space to all of them, especially mothers, and wish you a happy Women’s Day! All this without wishing to get into any debate about who is better, man or woman, since the attitudes and skills of each of us go beyond sex.


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