User Experience: Doolphy and the Organization of Events. The Case of Avantclub

AvantclubSome days ago, we could watch the Oscar Academy Awards’ ceremony. And, as we also did the last year, we would like to write a special post about this specific kind of projects: the organization of events. To do it, we’ve talked with one of our “older” customers: Avantclub. We have had the opportunity to know first-hand how they use Doolphy to organize unique events in an exceptional way. You can read the complete interview below:

Doolphy (D): How would you describe your experience with Doolphy?

Avantclub (AV): In a word: excellent. We have found in Doolphy the application that allows to control all aspects of event management. It’s a full-featured and very easy tool. In a few days and without any training required, new collaborators that join Avantclub can use Doolphy without problems.

D: What does Doolphy provide to you?

AV: Before using Doolphy, we used to use a planning project software tool, a time-tracking and cost management application, an e-mail system to send messages and share files, etc. Now, thanks to Doolphy, we have all our information integrated, centralized and accessible in a single place. So we save management time and focus on the most important thing: our customers and the special events that we organize.

D: What are the most useful features of Doolphy?

AV: I think that all of them are important but if I had to choose, I would point out 2 of them: financial reports and project templates. Financial reports allow us to know what kinds of events are more profitable in a very detailed way, so we can focus on the activities that provide greater benefits. Also, project templates are essential for us. With time, we have learnt that different kinds of events share a lot of common tasks. That’s why we have created a number of project templates that we continuously enhance according to our experience. Now, planning a project is faster and easier.

D: Would you recommend Doolphy?

AV: Yes, of course! Especially, we recommend it for any event agency. They will see how easy is to save time in management and improve efficiency and team coordination. And we are pretty sure of its usefulness for any company that wants to have its information centralized and that that want to plan and coordinate their projects in an easy and quick way.

About Avantclub

Avantclub is not a decoration, catering or hostess agency. Neither is it a regular event management agency. Avantclub creates unique experiences starting from an idea. They are specialist in impossible, sophisticated and singular events.

They cover all kinds of special events, from a familiar or social meeting to a corporative one, like product launches, inaugurations or celebrations. They also can manage sport events, both public and private, from golf to skiing, or from sailing to paddle tennis. The location or complexity of the event never matters.

This post is part of the series dedicated to successful experiences of Doolphy customers that work in different fields. We started some weeks ago, with the case of Yxcon Proyectos. If you are a Doolphy user and would like to share with everyone your experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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