User Experience: Doolphy and Web Projects. The Case of Yxcon Proyectos

Yxpron_ProyectosLast week we talked with our friends at Yxcon Proyectos, which are Doolphy users, in order to know more about the way in which Doolphy has changed the way they work. Here, you can read the resulting interview;

Doolphy (D): How would you describe your experience with Doolphy?

Yxcon Proyectos (YP): We can only use one adjective to describe our experience: very satisfactory. According to the nature of our business, the members of our team (designers, programmers, etc) have to simultaneously manage a lot of projects. Sometimes these projects last for some months and they may involve changes, updates, new proposals and exchange of information between all the involved parts. That is, there is a flow of continuous communication both at an internal level and with our customers.

D: What does Doolphy provide to you?

YP: The large amount of information that is created by everyone can turn into a chaos if it is not organized and managed correctly. And it is there where Doolphy is helping us! It gives us the possibility to know the status of each project at any moment. We have adopted this system to manage of information and it has improved our productivity greatly.

D: What are the most useful features of Doolphy?

YP: As we have just said, one of the things that we value the most about Doolphy is how it helps to manage and organize the information related to our projects. This information is available in a single place and in real-time to everyone. The communication flow between users is excellent and easy to use, especially thanks to the latest improvements.

D: Would you recommend Doolphy?

YP: Of course! We have a clear recommendation for companies that manage projects: using Doolphy, more than improving your productivity, you can internalize a new way of working, more organized, which can provide positive results on a short term.

What is Yxcon Proyectos?

Yxcon Proyectos is a company located in Castellón (Spain) specialized in web project development. They build corporate websites and web applications using, mainly, WordPress. In addition, Yxcon is the perfect partner for those companies that need e-commerce solutions based on Prestashop or Magento. Currently, Yxcon is developing projects for many customers all around Spain.

In addition, Yxcon Proyectos has its own set of online projects, like Hotels in Seville, Hotels in Madrid and Cheap Hotels (online websites for hotel reservation).

Like Yxcon Proyectos, you can also appear in the Doolphy Blog telling us about your experience with the project management software application. We would like to encourage you to get in contact with us, and in a couple of days you’ll have a starring role on the Blog ;)


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