5 Key Points to Improve Communication within a Team

 “Those who can think but cannot express their thoughts are at the same level than people who cannot think” (Pericles)

Thanks to the addition of comments and notifications, Doolphy turned into a more social and collaborative tool some days ago. The reason that pushed us to introduce this change is that we think of that communication is a key element within any team and that it is very important to improve it in a strightforward way, through personal contact and with the help of the team tools.

In the Doolphy Blog, we have discussed about communication many times, pointing out that is one of the key skills that a project manager has to develop. Today, we want to list the main points that are important in order to improve communication within a team:

  1. Take very seriously the importance of bidirectional communication. Many times, communicating actions is meaningless if there isn’t an associated response. That is, communication should be most of the time developed in both directions, from the emitter to the recipient and vice versa.
  2. Don’t assume that you know everything. Appearances may be misleading and sometimes it is better to be specific about issues than assume that everything is ok just to discover that it wasn’t so a couple of days later.
  3. Find solutions. Don’t just point out the problem, get your hands dirty with it.
  4. Find the right moment and place to deal with an issue. Participants should feel comfortable and have anything that they might need.
  5. Provide communication channels. It’s essential to have the right tools to allow sending and receiving messages between stakeholders in a easy and efficient way. For example, we use Doolphy in an internal way, within our own company, and the social networks to communicate with you.

These are some of the key points that you need to develop a good communicating environment. While we’re working on new features for Doolphy (remember that you can submit your wish list), we’ll wait for your comments on this post ;)


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February 8, 2012 ·

Good comments – an essential point is also short regular interactions, sometimes called stand up meetings! I find these a powerful motivator and team builder as well

February 8, 2012 ·

Thanks for writing Stuart! I agree with you!

I think it’s an interesting point :)

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