Doolphy Gets Social: New Features


A new year is started and, as it is tradition around these dates, Doolphy brings a bunch of new features such as Comments on tasks, Activity notifications, Recent history. This time they will make Doolphy more social and will make you more aware of the activity of the rest of the members of your team.


Activity notifications

  1. Comments on tasks: now you can add comments to the tasks you are working on and keep conversations with the rest of team members that are also assigned to them.
  1. Activity notifications: be aware of other member actions on projects, tasks, expenses and many other elements of the Doolphy environment.
  1. Recent history: keep track of the actions that have been performed day after day in Doolphy. A new history table allows you to have this information any time you may need it.
  1. Re-design of project summaries: they now offer more and better arranged information about the progress of your projects.
  1. User’s avatar: add an image to your profile so other team members can identificate you easily within the application.

And this is just the beginning of the year. Not bad, right? If you have any suggestion, please, share it!


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