What happened in Doolphy in 2011?

2011 is approaching to its end and everyone is closing a cycle of very hard work. The improvements in Doolphy have been very important and we would like to look through all the innovations that we’ve added to it in the course of this very productive year.

We started 2011 with 2 major releases, a new user interface and a Timesheet. They both provide an easier use of the tool. We also decided to release a new Report section, which is particularly useful for analyzing the activity that your team generates in Doolphy as a whole. We too revamped the section on roles and permissions to satisfy your needs regarding the access of information.


We were halfway through the year and Doolphy didn’t go on holidays during the summer time. The Doolphy Team continued working hard and, thanks to it, we released a new website with many sections to keep you informed about Doolphy. In addition, we launched new features to make easier to plan new projects and tasks: project templates and task dependencies. We also decided that it was time to learn a new language and so we began to speak Portuguese.

Projects Templates

To finish the year, Doolphy became a mobile tool too. We developed a new web application that allows using Doolphy in smartphones and tablets.

Doolphy Mobile

And we want to remind you that all these releases have been possible thanks to your opinion and suggestions. That’s why we want to say thanks to all of you! We really appreciate your involvement and support!

What do you want Doolphy to bring you in 2012? Please, tell us!


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